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Sunset Yoga is about family, friendships and a sense of belonging. We love bringing people together and helping them feel better in body and mind. 

We encourage you to have some ‘Me time’ so relationships are easier and awareness of yourself is deeper.

Through yoga we aim to make you feel energised, healthier, happier and physically & mentally stronger. Classes always promote positive health via breath work, joints loosening, physical exercises and relaxation.

Welcome, I Am

Sue Easton

I love it when other people smile and feel good about themselves and after over 18 years of practicing yoga on and off I realised that I feel best and at my happiest when I’m doing Yoga. I was a student of Health Sciences so always interested in Health and Wellness. 

My early career was Pharmaceutical training and later in the Vocational Education and Training sector. This has given me a really great foundation to follow my dreams in later life and teach my passion, Yoga.

I carefully selected SVYASA to complete my 200 hour Yoga Instructor and Ashtanga Vinyasa certificates as they “use the scientific principles of yoga to make the lives of everyone happy, healthy and peaceful” and this really fits with my background and ethos.

I am a home loving Cancarian and mum to two young kids (well 3 if you count my first born Lexie the flat coat retriever!), so my classes, for all ages and abilities are within or near to home.  Plus after living and loving the Sunset Way area for over 3 years now, it seemed a natural choice to build a local Sunset Yoga Community.

My classes combine tailored, therapeutic sequencing with fun and friendly inspiration, given to help my participants deepen and develop their own personal practice.   

I love to inspire and enthuse others to grow stronger and braver and I hope everyone leaves class feeling happy, refreshed, nourished and balanced.

Adult classes are Hatha based with some Vinyasa and Ashtanga influences. Variations, adjustments and modifications are provided and props may also be used.

Group prices range from $20-30 depending on the type and venue. At Sunset Yoga we obviously love a Sunset session and better still Sunrise, but we’ll bring elements of a sunset eg. transformation, brightness and warmth to anywhere anytime of the day.

Classes always follow the same structure beginning with Pranayama (breathing exercises), joints loosening exercises, asanas and rest & relaxation at the end.

Yoga for Health

Positive mental and physical health with correct alignment is the focus of this class. Fundamentals of the postures and breath work are taught to help improve strength, flexibility and balance. Build a deeper inner awareness through more static poses and foster a greater sense of contentment and calm. This class is suitable for all levels, especially beginners or those with health issues and/or injuries

Yoga Happy Flow

Movement will be synchronised with breath and you will continuously flow from one posture to the next. Exploring variations of sun salutations, floor and seated postures this class builds physical & mental strength. Steady sequences which progress to more challenging postures are designed to be lighthearted and fun and suitable for physically active beginners or those with basic yoga experience

Sunset Special Kids

Coming soon

Sunset Seniors

Coming soon


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Being a homebird and nature lover the majority of Sue’s classes are currently at
17 Sunset Drive, Clementi, 597476 or in a Park nearby.


Happy Flow
@ Sunset Way Playground


Happy Flow
@Sunset Drive


Yoga for Health
@Sunset Drive

Happy Flow
@ Ridgewood Condominium,
Mount Sinai Drive


Happy Flow
@Sunset Drive


No group class


Sunrise Yoga
@Sunset Way Playground

To book just   email or whatsapp at least 2 hours before class.
If you would like to propose a new group class or you are interested in Private Classes, please contact me.

    17 Sunset Drive, Singapore 597476
    Call: +65 97788951​

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