The Sunset Yoga

Yoga Studio in Singapore

Where yoga brings people together.

Sunset Yoga brings movement, positivity, connection and community through Yoga, from a small home based studio in Dempsey and surrounding locations in Singapore.

About Us

Sunset Yoga is about family, friendships and a sense of belonging. We love bringing people together and helping them feel better in body and mind. 

We encourage you to have some ‘Me time’ so relationships are easier and awareness of yourself is deeper.

Through yoga we aim to make you feel energised, healthier, happier and physically & mentally stronger. Our classes always promote positive health via breath work, joints loosening, physical exercises and relaxation.

I love to inspire and enthuse others to grow stronger, braver and more flexible. At Sunset Yoga I hope everyone leaves my class feeling happy, refreshed, nourished and balanced

Sue Easton

Welcome, I am

Sue Easton

I love it when other people smile and feel good about themselves and after over 18 years of practicing yoga I realised I feel best and at my happiest when I’m doing Yoga regularly. So my purpose is now to ignite and fuel this in others.

Initially trained in Hatha yoga at Vyasa Singapore, I later qualified as a Fexibility Coach and Trapeze instructor with Lucas Rockwood at YogaBody Teachers College.

All classes combine tailored, therapeutic sequencing with fun and friendly inspiration, given to help participants deepen and develop their own personal practice.  


Sessions are Hatha based with Vinyasa and Ashtanga influences. Variations, adjustments and modifications are provided and props may be used. 

Science of Stretching (formerly ‘Gravity Yoga’) is a targeted mobility method focusing on flexibility.  Helping stiff lower backs, locked up hips and tight hamstrings in particular. These sessions are delivered in a small group, individually 1:1 or with a partner.  They follow YogaBody principles, typically using deeper, longer held postures with a specific breathing technique to get results quickly. 

Similarly, Trapeze Yoga uses the YogaBody principles to create natural body weight traction to increase flexibility, build strength and in particular reduce back pain.


At Sunset Yoga we obviously love a Sunset session and better still Sunrise, but we’ll bring elements of a sunset eg. transformation, brightness and warmth to anywhere anytime of the day. Classes follow a similar structure beginning with Pranayama (breathing exercises), joints loosening exercises, asanas (physical postures) and rest and relaxation at the end.

Yoga For Health

Yoga Happy Flow


"I love Sue's classes she is an awesome teacher,
whenever I join her class I feel comforted and enjoy meeting other really nice people!" -Aki
"I really recommend Sue's classes I got back
into yoga after a 20ish year break! it doesn't matter what level you are she will support you and help you achieve poses you never thought possible!" -Jocelyn
"I thoroughly recommend Sue's classes, she helped me practice regularly again after doing it for years on and off. My motives initially were to loosen my hips for running and being a bit vain, to get 'yoga arms' who doesn't envy those! However recently I was diagnosed with breast cancer and through Sue's classes I’ve discovered the true value of yoga. I have learnt to use my breath to calm me down in moments of high anxiety, I’ve learnt that I am stronger than I thought and I’ve learned to respect and nurture my body. This has all come from Sue's gentle encouragement, support and guidance.!-Luci
I attended Sue’s flexibility sessions for help with rehab of a shoulder injury. It was my first exposure to yoga and Sue made me feel at ease, ensured I maintained the correct form throughout and created a relaxed and tranquil space in which to practice. The results were impressive with significantly improved flexibility and strength after a few sessions. I would certainly recommend Sue’s yoga especially to help increase performance and aid recovery in sports and other forms of exercise -Paul
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